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Hair and Beauty trends this summer


First of lets start with hair - Messy braids are hot right now and perfect for the summer days spent at the beach or out drinking coronas on a balmy night! that's the thing with a good braid is that you can dress it down or up for a night out on the town looking effortlessly foxy!




The big blonde chop is next on the list following stars like Lara Bingle and Sienna Miller we are in love with this style! Sexy but yet chick style can be worn with hardly any effort, so easy to style and maintain add a little O&M surf bomb flick your fringe to the side and off you go!






Now for beauty..........................

Lashes are the next list maker for summer 2015. A good set of lash extensions can make you strut your foxy stuff like nothing else lets admit the eyes are the sexiest feature and when you have lashes on you can give come F$%K me eyes with out even knowing it so be careful ladies!

Mink lashes are the latest and most advanced eyelash extensions; they look and feel so natural. they don't stick in your eye when you're trying to sleep like some of the silk lashes. And most of all they don't destroy your natural lashes!!! Because they are light in weight they don't pull at your natural lashes causing it to stunt your growth or prematurely pulling out your natural lash. Xtreme Lashes have spent over a million dollars invested in researching and developing thier medical grade adhesive. They have the same ingredients that surgeons use to close up open wounds! Also it all comes down to the lash stylist that is applying your lash extensions, Xtreme lashes gives you piece of mind knowing that we are trained in giving you the safest and best looking set of lashes that is custom to suit your looks, lifestyle and needs!

Best of all it saves you time in the morning and you have eyes at the beach and pool and when its stinking hot there's no worries of mascara smudging giving you that oh so attractive panda bear look.


The white nail trend!

Everywhere you look there is white nails. we love white nails, it makes you look browner and it goes with everything!! Our summer picks in Bio Sculpture - because it is the best Gel overlays in the world are:

Fluros, Pastels and White

#2 French White

#172 Favela Sunrise

#101 Luminous Watermelon Sorbet

#105 Junkie Pink

#159 Grace

#156 Bridgette



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